Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello everyone,
We would like to invite you to our new feature at, our Blog. Sonya, our blogger will be providing reviews, tutorials, images, and videos on various different types of products. This feature will be rendered to our customers for the best shopping experience.  Please join us at to view our upcoming reviews, tutorial, images, and videos. Here’s a little introduction on our new blog: 
Ok, so I’m going to cut the corny crap and get straight to the point. Hi, my name is Sonya and I’m here to be by your side when you need an opinion on a product. I can definitely be your partner in crime when it comes to shopping for all the cool new or even old jewelry supplies and findings. You might be thinking “who the heck is she?” well, I’m a beader. I enjoy making pieces of my own, and I like to talk about it. I want to voice an opinion about the products I use, and the products I would like to use. I would like to, and will, give a heads up to all the wonderful “beadists” out there about a specific product or deal. What’s in it for you? Like I said before, I will definitely give you a heads up about a specific product or deal. You will also get a full review on the product, may be even a video and some really nice images, yay. Sometimes I may even post up a tutorial on how the product can be used, but you will definitely get a review on the product. My time is up for the day and I hope you will join me for all of my reviews, videos, posts, and tutorials. If you have any questions, or would like to put in a request for a product review you can always email me at Will post soon J
Sonya K.